Press Release – YPEC 2018

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YPEC 2018 Ushered in Successful Completion

Hong Kong Youth’s “Supernova” Engineer Ideas Sparkled in City


Today (8 July 2018), the Young Professionals Exhibition & Competition 2018 (YPEC 2018), which is an annual flagship event of the Younger Members Section (YMS) of the Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong (IET Hong Kong) was successfully held in the City University of Hong Kong. This year, the theme “Supernova” has been chosen in the hope of igniting every innovative engineering idea and unleashing infinite possibilities from our young professionals. Over 70 teams of more than 250 prospective or young engineers from 5 different sections (Secondary School, Sub-degree, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Open) have participated in it and actively presented their innovative ideas to the public and media through presentation and booth exhibition to ignite Hong Kong’s innovative atmosphere.

We are grateful to have Dr David Chung Wai-keung, the Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology of the HKSAR Government to be our Guest of Honour and shared with us the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong. “The Government believes that innovation and technology is the city’s future economic growth point. We are increasing our resources for research and development, attracting technology talents, providing investment funding, enhancing technological infrastructure and revising existing legislation and regulation to promote such growth. Further resources will be allocated for speeding up the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong while bio-tech and ai robotics would be two foci for future development. To build HK into an innovation hub requires concerted efforts from the Industry, academia and the government, and the bureau will continue to play the role as the facilitator and promoter.” said Dr Chung. During the event, judges and guests coming from the Government, industry, and academia, including Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai-kwok, Legislative Councillor representing the Engineering Functional Constituency, also visited the exhibition booths of our talented youth to have fruitful exchanges with them.

To promote STEM education and drive young talents to join the industry so as to unleash Hong Kong’s innovation potential, the Secondary School champion team will have the opportunity to join a 2-day internship programme in a world-renowned multinational engineering company in Hong Kong. The champion teams of other sections, on the other hand, can get the chance to participate in the Present Around The World (PATW) competition organised by the IET to bring Hong Kong’s strong innovative ideas to the international arena.

This year, we have newly established two Best Innovation Awards to encourage feasible engineering proposal with great vision and social contributions.
Among all contestants, the following teams have made their way to win the awards below:


Best Innovation Award (Secondary Section)

「EnergyWalker」 – Liu Po Shan Memorial College


Best Innovation Award (Other Sections)

「Real-time Monitoring by Automated Surveillance Network Camera and UAV at Building and Civil Engineering Project Sites – To improve Safety and Productivity」 – City University of Hong Kong


Secondary School Section

Champion:「Dual-Functional Eco-friendly AirCon using Peltier Effect」 – St. Paul’s College

1st Runner-up:「Innovative Safety Bag」- Victoria Shanghai Academy

2nd Runner-up:「EnergyWalker」 – Liu Po Shan Memorial College


Sub-degree Section

Champion:「」- The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin)

1st Runner-up:「Eldventure 」-  The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

2nd Runner-up:「ReGreen – Recycling Monitoring Network」 – The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan)


Undergraduate Section

Champion:「A study of automated machine for 10-writing instruments writing test」- The Open University of Hong Kong

1st Runner-up:Real-time Monitoring by Automated Surveillance Network Camera and UAV at Building and Civil Engineering Project Sites – To improve Safety and Productivity – City University of Hong Kong

2nd Runner-up:「Autonomous Domestic Water Purification System with Mobile Application」- The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Postgraduate Section

Champion:「A new machine learning based real-time anomaly detection system for Hong Kong’s Internet」 – City University of Hong Kong

1st Runner-up:「Therapy Device for Prevention and Treatment of Knee Degenerative Diseases」- The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2nd Runner-up:「Surgical Robot for Dental Applications」- The University of Hong Kong


Open Section

Champion:「Multiple Compact Vibration Sensors for Big Data Condition Monitoring for Railway Applications」- MTR Corporation Limited

1st Runner-up:「Simplified MMC Simulation Model for Renewable Energy and HVDC Application」- CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

2nd Runner-up:「Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons – Security Monitoring System」- The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.


Best Participation Award

Victoria Shanghai Academy


My Favourite Booth Award

「Nano Silver, Smelly? Never!」- G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College


My Favourite Poster Award

「soROBO – “Social robots that ‘shapes’ our future”」- CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


We would like to once again congratulate various winning teams and encourage our talented youth to apply their technical knowledge and novel ideas to come up with more ‘supernova’ innovations. Meanwhile, we wish that the champion teams competing in the PATW (HK Round) later this month will continue to shine on stage. We would also like to express our gratitude to every individual and organisation which have made this year’s YPEC a success.

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