Guests of YPEC 2019

Honorary Advisor & Guests

Ir Dr Raymond Ho Chung-tai, SBS, MBE, S.B. St.J., JP
YPEC 2019 Honorary Advisor
Chairman of Dashun Foundation and Belt & Road Development Alliance

Mr Victor Lam Wai-kiu, JP
YPEC 2019 Guest of Honour
Government Chief Information Officer,
The Government of HKSAR

Hon Charles Peter Mok, JP
Legislative Councillor
(Functional Constituency – Information Technology)

Ir Dr Hon LO Wai-kwok, SBS, MH, JP.
Legislative Councillor
(Functional Constituency - Engineering)

Judge Panel

Mr Bruce Chan
General Manager - Contracting Business,
CLPe Solutions Limited

Mr HW Chan
Communications & Control Engineering Manager,
MTR Corporation Ltd.

Mr W O Chan
Senior Project Manager (East & West),
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Ir KW Chen
Immediate Past Chairman,
IET Hong Kong

Ir Morris Cheung
Vice Chairman,
Key Direction Limited

Mr SC Chow
School Advisor,
The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Mr Waiky Leung
AEC Industry Sales Manager of HK and Macau,
Autodesk Far East Limited

Ir Choi Ka Yin Lewis
Regional Engineering Manager,
Hallmark Cards (HK) Ltd.

Ms Justina Ho
Honorary Secretary,
IET Hong Kong

Mr HO Hui
Software & System Integration Manager,
MTR Corporation Ltd.

Mr CK Lau
General Manager (Projects),
The Hong Kong Electric Co. Ltd.

Ir Ben Li
Immediate Past Chairman - ECS,
IET Hong Kong

Ms Jacqueline Lo
Branch Committee,
IET Hong Kong

Mr Ekmanson Poon
Technical Director,
The 440 Productions

Mr YH Shum
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Ir Peter Si Kit
Project Manager,
Vocational Training Council

Ir Dr Billy Tam
Manager-Signal & Control Development,
MTR Corporation Ltd.

Prof Raymond Tong
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr KF Tsang
Associate Professor,
City University of Hong Kong

Mr William CS Wan
IET Hong Kong

Prof Tim Woo
Vice Chairman,
IET Hong Kong

Ir Ricky Wu
Senior Director,
Engineering Asia, Synergy Outdoors Asia, Ltd.

Ir KH Yuen, Henry
IET Hong Kong