1. The abstract and presentation must be written and conducted in English.
  2. The submitted abstract must be the original work of the registered authors.
  3. Full legal and other relevant responsibilities arising from any possible breach of intellectual property rights are entirely borne by the applicants themselves. The organising committee of YPEC 2023 and the IET Hong Kong are not responsible for any claims and legal liabilities arising from such dishonest breach.
  4. Participants are required to submit their online application, project abstract, poster, 2-minute Pitching Video (if applicable) and presentation material before the respective deadlines.
  5. If abstract amendment is required, the resubmitted abstract must be formatted according to the template provided at our official website
  6. Violation of regulations 4 or 5 may cause a penalty on the judging marks or disqualification.
  7. During each presentation, the competition chairperson will indicate the time after eight minutes and then give final indication after ten minutes. The speaker should then finish the presentation as quickly as possible. If necessary, the chairperson will interrupt the contestant and ask them to stop immediately in order to be fair to other contestants.
  8. The final judgment solely depends on the decisions of the judging panel on all matters and no appeal against it will be accepted.
  9. All the personal data provided by means of this event will be treated seriously in strict confidence. It will only be used for activities relating to the YPEC 2023. In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy Ordinance) Cap.486, the personal data would not, without your prescribed consent, be used for a new purpose or disclosed to any third party. 
  10. By entering the YPEC 2023, entrants will be consenting to their organisation and innovation being made available to the public. It is, with some limited exceptions, essential that the invention has not been disclosed to the public, or otherwise ‘make available to the public’, before a patent application has been filed. Therefore, any entrants considering patent protection for their ideas are advised to take appropriate action, such as seeking professional advice, before submitting applications.
  11. The organising committee of the YPEC 2023 and IET Hong Kong reserve the rights to explain and modify the regulations without prior announcement